Why drive to Australia?… Why not!

‘Overland to Oz’ is the story of planning, preparation and the journey of an overland charity drive from Ireland to Australia. I bought the vehicle (aka ‘the Tank’) three years ago with the sole purpose of undertaking a big drive into Europe or maybe beyond. Australia was never really a consideration. I thought it to be too far and the logistics made it unrealistic. When I looked into where I could drive and what was feasible, I realised that many people have driven from Western Europe to Australia and beyond, albeit with an incredible amount of planning. Needless to say the dream of driving to Australia started to take root. After three years of planning and saving, it’s time to turn this dream into action. I put all the planning into practice and left Ireland for Australia 1st August 2013.

December 6th – Currently in Nepal and going back to India. We will be shipping from Kolkata, India to Bangkok December 12th.

The route has taken me through Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal. I will then travel through South East Asia and then to the final destination, Australia. The completed journey will take me to over 20 countries, covering over 30,000 kms and taking six or seven  months. We will be raising funds for two very worthy causes, the Irish Cancer Society and Console, the National Suicide Charity.

Originally I was planning to do the trip alone. Since then I decided on a very different approach that involved me finding suitable people to join me on some or the entire trip. By doing it this way I will share the costs and share the experience.  The more I think about it, I will be a glorified taxi on a 30,000 kms to the other side of the world…. Don’t worry, there’s no meter running.

After meeting and corresponding with many travelers from Ireland and beyond I found two companions that are joining me for the majority of the trip. I picked up Shannon and Jay Istanbul at the start of September and they stayed on board until Kathmandu, Nepal. I since picked an eclectic mix of people nationalities from all over the globe, including Australia, USA, Sweden and UK.

I have decided to take a minor sabbatical on my trip mainly due to my budget situation. I have been very fortunate to pick up a marketing Job in Kuala Lumpur. I have shipped ‘the tank’ to Brisbane where is currently sits in storage. The plan is to stick around in Malaysia for a while and pick up in Brisbane again to finish the final leg of my trip. The trip is on hold….. for now!!

If you are interested in joining me for the next leg of my journey in Australia, check out Join the Team section.

Stick around and check out my trip where the Journey is the principal goal.

All donation money raised will be going to the Irish Cancer Society and Console, the National Suicide Charity, to fund their work. The entire expedition costs are being funded by me, with the kind support of a few sponsors.